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My name is Angela. I'm 28 years old. This is my story in the form of a blog.


i either read for 4 hours straight or dont read for 4 months there is no in between


Once you get a taste of sleeping next to someone, sleeping alone in your own bed really sucks.

Something I defo don’t have! Plans for the next few weeks join the gym. Read more! See family more often ;)



Hey ladies that are TTC, WTTC, expecting, or current mamas!!!!

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Mommy of a two year old boy and also expecting :)

wonderfultimeoftheyear said: Good evening! If you're ready for the holiday season to creep up into your heart then I suggest you tap this follow button because I'd love to share this wonderful feeling with you. I post christmas/winter sometimes kwanzaa and hanukkah related posts on the daily. However from December 1st up until the 25th I'll accept submissions of poems, stories, photos, and recipes related to the winter holidays. So doesn't matter what you celebrate or don't lol I welcome your interactions. ~Angel♥

Followed! I’m so excited for Christmas :)